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I have a degree in art, and I was trained as an oil painter.  But from my very first photography class, that's what resonated with me.  This was the medium that brought my vision to life.   When I am photographing, time stops.  All that exists at that moment is my subject. 

I create portraits of my wild subjects. Where possible, I try to get to know them and understand them. I am curious, and I spend time observing and studying how they live, how they interact with their family group, and the other creatures around them. I've gotten to observe humor and playfulness, loving and protective moments, and the rituals of their daily existence.  Frequently, they are as curious about me as I am of them.  I watch the animals carefully to make sure that they are ok with my being there.   I feel really successful when they are comfortable enough to sleep while I'm there watching them.

My photographs have appeared in print in magazines such as National Wildlife (US), Twist (UK, and Japan), and Discover (US). They have also been used on-line for National Wildlife, Audubon, and National Geographic articles. I am a member of NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association) and my photographs periodically appear on their site.
They can also be seen in the following books:
"Soul of an Octopus" by Sy Montgomery  (New York Times best seller list and National Book Award finalist)
"Exploring Southern New Hampshire" by Lucie Bryar
"Animals That Make Me Say Ewww!" (Ranger Rick) by Dawn Cusick

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